Section private: section 1, trading conditions Ducator ApS.

When you trade with Ducator ApS, as a private person, you trade with:

Ducator ApS

CVR: 37703680

Karlsgavevej 28

3300 Frederiksværk


Telephone 7199 5138


Below you will find the current trading conditions for

Payment methods

At you can pay with the following payment methods:

• Payment card: VISA / Dankort , VISA Electron , MasterCard (Credit & Debit), Viabill

All our prices on accessories and repairs include 25% VAT and stated in Danish kroner (DKK).

Not all payments are free of charge, but the money for the purchase of a product will not be deducted from your account until your item is shipped.


Payment takes place over an encrypted server via a payment gateway and is as secure as using a credit card in the supermarket.

Insurance of the item is responsible for the condition of the item until the buyer is in possession of the ordered order. Only then does the risk of

damage or destruction of the item to the buyer. That’s why Ducator has invested in some custom-made boxes. The boxes are made so that they

is shock-absorbing so that the device will not be damaged during transport. The box is sent free of charge.

Shipping prices

Shipments without delivery with collection at the post office cost DKK 49 in shipping.

Shipments with distribution to the household cost DKK 69 per shipment.

If you are not at home to receive the package upon delivery, it must be picked up at the post office, according to instructions from Post Danmark.

The item must be picked up at the post office within 14 days. If this does not happen, the package is returned to

The above prices only apply to shipments within Denmark’s borders.

Ducators iPhones are delivered in our specially made boxes. The box has a special sloping foam so that our mobile phones are not damaged during transport to the customer.



We ship all orders and goods through Post Danmark. The expected delivery time is 1-2 days unless otherwise stated

the individual item. In the event that an item is backordered, we will, unless otherwise agreed, ship the other items immediately.

If you order before 16.00 on weekdays, the item is sent the same day.

We also offer delivery with bids. Contact us by phone or email if you want a price for delivery with a bid. is not responsible for any costs of delays on goods. This also applies to backorders,

faulty delivery and defects in the item.

It can take up to 15 business days for phones and computers to ship.


If you wish to cancel your order, you must notify as soon as possible after ordering.

You cannot cancel your order if it has been shipped.

If you have paid by debit card upon payment, then this must expect that it can take up to 30 working days before the reservation of the purchase amount disappears from their account.

Cancellation of B2B purchases can be made for a fee of DKK 800, – ex. VAT or in case of breach of contract.


Right of withdrawal

When you shop on, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal on distance purchases, cf. Danish law, where you can notify us that you regret

the purchase and therefore want to return the item to us.

The right of withdrawal runs from the day you received the item from us.

You can not regret your purchase by refusing to receive the item. You must accept the package and then announce that you want to return it.

If you choose to refuse receipt, the order will be sent back to you together with an invoice of DKK 400 for administration of the shipment.

The unit must be returned within 14 days of receipt.

Once the device is received back, Ducator will check the status of the phone. If it is established that the unit has been taken into use and has signs of use as a result, and that there has thus been a decrease in value, then this deterioration together with an administration fee of DKK 400 will be deducted from your credit.

If Ducator receives a device return that falls outside the right of withdrawal, Ducator will return the phone. You must bear the shipping costs of Ducator upon return.

In case of uncollected packages that return, you will be deducted one fee of DKK 400 to cover the costs that arise from this.

If you use the right of withdrawal, we will refund the amount paid.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must make a declaration to this effect within 14 days of receiving the item.

You can thus not simply refuse receipt of the item without at the same time giving us clear notice of this.

If you wish to cancel your purchase, you must notify us by e-mail:

The email must contain the following information:

• Write “Return” in the subject field

• Name of buyer

• Order number

• Date of order

• Date of receipt

• Buyer’s address

• Date

Undoing B2B purchases can happen against one fee of DKK 800, – ex. VAT or in case of breach of contract.

Remember to remove the lock code and log out iCloud before the phone is returned. Ducator can charge DKK 400 to provide the necessary codes.


Price adjustment in Ducator .

We reserve the right to make price changes on an ongoing basis.

All prices on the website are INCL. 25% VAT and stated in Danish kroner, where nothing else is stated.

Reservations are made for printing errors, price changes, sold-out items, tax changes, currency changes and force majeure. The prices are only valid in Denmark, excl. Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Purchase of unit at Ducator ApS

When you buy a device from Ducator ApS, you must agree that it is a used device. Devices at Ducator are refurbished , also called refurbished, it means that everything in the phone has been replaced except the motherboard, for example, back, screen and the internal components, so that it appears cosmetically and functional as a new phone.


At Ducator, everyone becomes ours Refurbish devices tested with a test report before being sent out to a customer.

Spare parts used for repairs

At Ducator ApS, we always use spare parts of original quality. Apple does not allow you to buy spare parts directly from them, therefore we must not call our spare parts for the Apple products original. However, they are of exactly the same quality as original parts.

When repairing models from manufacturers other than the Apple product, the spare parts can be purchased by the manufacturer, and are therefore original.

Sale of unit to Ducator ApS

When selling an iPhone to Ducator ApS, the unit can either be handed in at Undalsvej 6, 3300 Frederiksværk, sent with a package label sent from Ducator ApS or in special cases be picked up.

When submitting or submitting a device, Ducator will check the status of the phone. The typical processing time is 1-3 business days from receipt of device.

If the unit is approved for purchase in the same condition and GB as stated on the sales document or website, Ducator ApS will transfer the money to the stated bank account. Ducator ApS does not take responsibility for incorrect information provided. When changing information, if possible, a fee of DKK 300 will be charged, which will be set off against the payment.

If it is assessed that the unit cannot be approved for purchase in the same condition and GB as stated, a new offer will be sent. If you choose not to accept the offer, an administration fee of DKK 180 will be charged for the technician’s working hours and possibly shipping.

If your device has been picked up and you have received the money for it on the spot, and the phone is later assessed to be in a different condition or GB than stated, you will receive an invoice for the difference.



If you regret the purchase, the goods must be returned to:

NOTE: Return

Karlsgavevej 28

3300 Frederiksværk

All items must be returned in the same condition and quantity as upon receipt, which also includes the original product packaging.

The original product packaging must remain in such a condition that resale is possible, as the product packaging gives the product value

qua the instructions and information given thereon.

It is therefore important that you do not apply tape or write directly on the packaging and do not affix stamps or shipping labels on it.

You must ensure that the goods are properly wrapped and you are responsible for the package or the goods until we receive it.

Therefore, save the receipt for dispatch and / or track and trace number.

Note! Packages sent back as “recipient pays”, free shipping or “package without delivery” will not be received or picked up.

We expect you to send the goods as soon as possible after you have given notice of cancellation. You must send them back no later than 14 days after

that you have given notice thereof.

You must enclose a copy of the order confirmation or invoice as documentation for your purchase. Remember to notify us of the cancellation by email. (see Right of withdrawal)

You bear the cost of returning the item when you regret your purchase.

If you return parts of an order that triggered free shipping, and the total amount then reaches below the free shipping limit, the shipping will be deducted from the value of the returned order.



When we receive the item back, we check that it is in order, and pay back the amount that you have paid to us at the time of purchase. The amount is transferred

to the same means of payment with which you paid for the item. Do you have e.g. paid by card, the amount is transferred to the payment card you used.

Additional costs due to the fact that you have chosen a more expensive shipping method than the standard method will not be refunded.

You may lose the right to your purchase amount in whole or in part if the value of the item has deteriorated. Examples:

• You have taken the item into use.

• The item was damaged while you were in charge of it.

• You have broken the seal or packaging and thus limited the right of withdrawal.

• The original product packaging is not in such a condition that resale is possible.

• The product smells of food, smoke, moisture, perfume, pets etc.



In accordance with the Purchase Act, including the defect rules, you have a 24-month right to make a complaint about all items purchased from

You can thus either have a defective item exchanged, get your money back or get a reduction in the price, all depending on the situation in question.

It is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect or defect in the product has not arisen as a result of improper use or other damaging behavior.

You must complain within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect in the item. We recommend that you complain as soon as possible and preferably within 2 months after the error was discovered.

If you want to complain about an item, you must send us an e-mail at and write “complaint” in the subject field.

The email must contain the following information:

• Name of buyer

• Order number

• The date on which errors were detected

• Description of error / defect (Be thorough and accurate for prompt treatment)

• Buyer’s address

• Date


Then you have to wait for our answer. You will most often be asked to return the item to us so we can inspect it. You have to in the first place

even bear the shipping costs. If the complaint is justified, we will of course refund the reasonable shipping costs to send the item

return to us.

If the complaint is not justified, the unit will not be repaired and you must thus bear the costs of transport, including our shipping costs for returning the item after the inspection, just as we can charge you DKK 498.75 including VAT per. commenced technician hour spent on processing the complaint.

Always remember to send the item in proper packaging and get a receipt for the shipment so we can refund your shipping costs.

Note! We do not accept packages sent by post. cash on delivery or similar.

You only need to send the device itself. Ducator does not take responsibility for enclosed effects such as SIM cards, headphones, covers, boxes, etc. and these are discarded upon receipt.

If the stated error / defect can not be ascertained or if the error is self-inflicted as a result of incorrect use, then you bear the payment of one started workshop hour of DKK 498.75 as well as freight back and forth and a total of DKK 636.75 is therefore paid. Ducator.

The right of complaint is waived for repairs made by other than Ducator.

Remember to remove the lock code and log out iCloud before the phone is returned. Ducator can charge DKK 400 to provide the necessary codes.

Exceptions regarding. taking over warranty and / or warranty on repaired products

– The takeover of the right of complaint lapses if the product has been damaged in connection with a repair carried out by another repairer or non-original spare parts are fitted

– Products purchased abroad are not covered by Danish Purchase Act.

– Ducator ApS ‘takeover of warranty and right of complaint lapses in all cases if the product Ducator ApS has repaired subsequently has been exposed to physical damage or other external damage (eg liquid damage or loss)

– Ducator ApS ‘takeover of the right of complaint does not include the takeover of any replacement programs or repair programs the supplier may introduce to replace or repair units that have been affected by a manufacturing defect. Furthermore, Ducator ApS does not cover general manufacturing defects, regardless of whether the general manufacturing defect has been recognized by the supplier or not.

– Ducator ApS ‘takeover of warranty and right of complaint only applies to the device itself – a phone, tablet or mp3 player – and not other accessories (headphones, charger, etc.) that came with the original purchase

Backup of data

Customers are responsible for backing up their data before submitting a device for repair. Ducator always strives to preserve all data on customers’ devices, but cannot be held responsible for loss of data in connection with a repair.


Personal data policy

In order to enter into an agreement with us via the webshop, you must register with the following personal information:

• Name

• Address

• Phone number

• Email

The registration of your information is done simply for the purpose of being able to deliver the item to you.

You can thus visit completely anonymously. Only when you enter personal data will we receive information about you.

When we collect personal information via our webshop, we always ensure that it is done by giving your express consent, so that

you have been informed about what information is being collected and why.

The personal information is registered with and stored for 5 years, unless you yourself actively ask to have it deleted.

We do not store and transmit customer information encrypted.

We do NOT pass on personal information to third parties, except Post Danmark and logistics partners in general.

You can at any time be informed of what data has about you and possibly ask to have them deleted if you wish. (cf. the Personal Data Processing Act) will never have access to entered information about your payment card. All transactions are handled encrypted

through Nets Danmark A / S (PBS).


Reserved errors in handed out and distributed printed matter.

All printed matter from Ducator are indicative prices only.

Ducator & reserves the right to make price changes as well as printing errors and discontinued services.

Delivered / distributed printed matter is revised once a month. Latest can always be downloaded here – (link)



We use cookies for the purpose of optimizing the webshop and its functionalities, as well as improving marketing for the benefit of the customer.

All kinds of use of cookies takes place completely anonymously and you can delete them again at any time. You can also choose to turn off usage cookies

from in your browser.


Venue and choice of law

Purchases of goods on are subject to Danish law. Any dispute between the buyer and – including interpretation of’s terms and conditions – is settled by the ordinary Danish courts.



Ducator reserves the right to make typing errors, price changes, sold-out items and technical errors that may occur on the website.

Ducator reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time.


Force Majeure

In the event of force majeure – ie strike, lock-out, fire, flood, major machine damage, state of war, exit ban, seizure, ice obstacles, breakdown, shipwreck during transport or other incidents beyond the seller’s control – the seller is entitled to cancel or postpone execution of the order. The buyer can neither in the event of cancellation or postponement of execution claim damages or make any other claim against the seller.

Sale of Phones for Ducator

1. In general

When entering into any transaction with Ducator ApS, the customer declares that he is of legal age, cf. applicable legislation.

2. Prices

All sales prices on the site may vary from day to day.

3. Sales

3.1. Sales are made by the customer filling in a sales form on the website, where this indicates the type, brand, model, size and condition of the device and whether this is Apple ID locked, after which the customer receives an indicative offer price.

3.2. Ducator ApS reserves the right to change the indicative offer price mentioned in point 2 if the unit does not live up to the information provided by the customer in the form mentioned in point 3.1.

3.3. Ducator ApS reserves the right to reject any entity.

3.4. The sale is only completed the moment Ducator ApS has received and approved the unit.


4.1. Ducator ApS bears the shipping costs from the customer to Ducator ApS.

4.2. In the form mentioned in section 3.1, the customer chooses whether they want to receive a parcel label via e-mail or whether they want to hand it in at a store.

4.3. If the customer chooses e-mail, he will receive a parcel label via e-mail within 24 hours.

4.4. The sent parcel label must be used when shipping to Ducator ApS and the parcel must be delivered to the nearest Post Nord parcel shop and no responsibility is taken for parcels sent in any other way.

4.5. The customer is responsible for the unit during shipment and until it is received by Ducator ApS.

5. Reception

5.1. Ducator ApS reserves the right to change the indicative offer price mentioned in point 2 if the unit is not received within 14 days after the sale has been created on the website.

5.2. The unit is received when it is handed over to Ducator ApS.

5.3. Ducator ApS does not take responsibility for enclosed effects such as SIM cards, headphones, covers, boxes etc. and these are discarded upon receipt.

6. Payment

6.1. Payment is made to the registration and account number provided by the customer within 3 working days after Ducator ApS has received the unit (7 working days upon delivery to the store).

6.2. Ducator ApS does not take responsibility for errors in the registration and account number provided by the customer.

6.3. Ducator ApS deducts DKK 30 from the customer’s payment if the customer has not included the original charger or if this is damaged / defective.

7. Certificate of value

7.1. If a voucher is selected, this can not later be exchanged for cash.

7.2. Only one voucher can be used per. purchase.

7.3. You must buy for a minimum of DKK 1 more than the proven value.

8. Special circumstances

8.1. In the event that the device is Apple ID locked or does not live up to the information provided by the customer in the form mentioned in section 3.1, Ducator ApS reserves the right to exceed the normal processing time and withhold payment. In such cases, the customer will be contacted within 3 working days of receipt.

8.2. If the problem mentioned in point 8.1 means a change in the offer price, then the customer will be informed of a new offer price and then have 14 days to either accept or reject the new offer price.

8.3. If Ducator ApS and the customer can not solve the problems mentioned in point 8.1 and / or reach an agreement, then the customer has the option of having his unit sent back for a fee of DKK 55 per. unit to cover the costs incurred thereby.

8.4. If the customer does not respond to Ducator ApS inquiries and makes sure to bring the problems mentioned in point 8.1 in order within 3 months, then ownership of the unit passes to Ducator ApS.

9. Right of withdrawal and return

9.1. If the customer wishes to regret his sale and has not yet shipped the device, then the customer must as soon as possible after completing the form mentioned in section 3.1. contact Ducator ApS and draw attention to this, after which Ducator ApS will cancel the sale.

9.2. If the customer wishes to cancel his sale, but has already sent the unit, the customer must notify this as soon as possible after sending, after which Ducator ApS will return the unit for a fee of DKK 55 per unit to cover the costs incurred thereby.

9.3. The right of withdrawal lapses the moment Ducator ApS has received and approved the unit.

10. Right of appeal

Competition and Consumer Authority

Carl Jacobsens vej 35

2500 Valby

Phone number: 41715000


11. Force Majure

Ducator ApS is not responsible for circumstances beyond Ducator ApS ‘control.

12. Personal data policy

In order for you to enter into an agreement with us, we need the following information about you: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.

This information is stored along with information about what you have sold as well as information about your payment.

We need this information in order to process your sales and transfer your payment.

Please note that you have the right to gain insight into what information is registered about you. You also have the right to have incorrect information corrected and unnecessary information deleted. Finally, you have the right to receive a copy of your information.

If you wish to exercise one or more of these rights, please contact

Personal information is stored for 5 years plus the current calendar year, after which it is deleted as far as possible.

Personal information is stored for tax and accounting reasons in accordance with the Tax and Accounting Act.

We do not pass on your personal information to third parties unless we are entitled to do so.

Among other things, information such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address is passed on to Post Nord in connection with the dispatch of your sale.

12.1 Processing of customer telephones

Ducator ApS always recommends the customer to delete all content on the device before submission.

If the unit is unexpectedly not reset, Ducator ApS will reset it as far as possible.

In addition, Ducator ApS has taken contractual measures to protect the customer’s data.

Under their contract, employees may not download customers’ private data without their express consent.

Private data includes, but is not limited to: names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, text messages, emails, photos, videos, and apps. Hereinafter referred to as “the information”.

The employee may only use the information to the extent necessary for the performance of the task. The employee undertakes to process the information in such a way that there is no danger of unauthorized access to it. The employee may not show and / or pass on the information to third parties. The information must not be stored or stored unnecessarily and must be destroyed or deleted immediately after the performance of the task.

If the employee violates the above guidelines, then Ducator ApS is entitled to raise compensation for losses that Ducator ApS may suffer as a result of the employee’s violation of the above guidelines.

In addition, violation of the above guidelines will result in expulsion of the employee and may form the basis of criminal punishment.

The data controller is:

Ducator ApS

Undalsvej 6
3300 Frederiksværk

If you do not believe that your information is being processed in accordance with applicable law, then you have the opportunity to complain to:

The Data Inspectorate

Borgergade 28, 5

1300 Copenhagen K

Tel. 33193200


13. Reservations

Ducator ApS reserves the right to make typing errors, price changes and technical errors that may occur on the website.

14. Rights

The website and all its content are owned by Ducator ApS, so images, graphics, design, layout and information about the products and other content may not be copied or used without prior written consent from Ducator ApS.

15. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

Ducator ApS reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time.

16. Cancellation of appointment of the Mobile Ambulance.

If you wish to cancel your order on our appointment, you must send a cancellation to within 12 hours.

If this is not done within 12 hours, Ducator ApS charges one fee at SEK 300. exclusive VAT .

17. Change.

Ducator ApS reserves the right to change terms of trade so often that Ducator ApS needs, and can be changed unilaterally and without objections from some.

18. Rental of Ducator ApS units / To be in possession of a loan of Ducator ApS units. (DEP enrolled devices)

When you rent a unit from Ducator ApS, you as the tenant have full responsibility for the unit during the rented period. It is important that you return the device in exactly the same condition as you received the device.

The phone you are in possession of from Ducator ApS is DEP enrolled and managed via an MDM server.

It is not legal to make changes to the phone’s setup, nor is it legal to remove content, such as administration files, change background, change security codes, etc.

You may use to log in with your Apple Id, however, you must remember to remove the Apple Id when returning to Ducator ApS.

If the Apple ID is not removed, you will be charged a removal fee of DKK 800.00 for administering the device. If it is not possible for Ducator ApS to remove the used Apple Id, due to, for example, administration files being removed to circumvent Ducator Aps’ administration, you will be charged a fee of DKK 9,500.00 for phones and tablets – or DKK 15,000.00 for computer, for the purchase of a new unit for Ducator ApS, as well as for covering time consumption for enrolling a new unit in Ducator ApS’s DEP MDM system.

Ducator ApS reserves the right to know where Ducator ApS’s units are during the rental period, and you give consent upon rental that Ducator ApS can track its equipment, and send push, and information messages while the equipment is in your custody, and in the entire rental period.

If the equipment you have rented from Ducator ApS is lost, you will be charged a fee of DKK 9,500.00 for phones and tablets – or DKK 15,000.00 for computer, for the purchase of a new unit for Ducator ApS, and for covering time consumption on enrollment of a new unit in Ducator ApS’s DEP MDM system.

Prices for renting phones and tablets per. day DKK 15.00 excl VAT (incl VAT DKK 18.75)

Prices for computer rental per. day DKK 24.00 excl VAT (incl VAT DKK 30.00)

The above prices are valid, unless otherwise agreed per. mail.

Section DEP MDM: Section 2, of trading conditions Ducator ApS

Terms and Conditions for the Ducator Entreprise DEP MDM Enrollment Program.

Business information.

Ducator ApS.

Karlsgavevej 28, 3300 Frederiksværk.

CVR. 37703680


Tel: +45 7199 5138


Undalsvej 6, 3300 Frederiksværk

Responsibility for data.

Ducator ApS is not responsible for the company’s data, on units are placed under administration, nor outside administration. Ducator ApS helps companies with setting up administration, on the company’s mobile devices, or desktops, via a so-called MDM server, which Ducator ApS owns. **

The company is responsible for the breach, and is responsible for informing the Danish Data Protection Agency. Incorrect setup of MDM or Enrollment setup is the company’s responsibility, as the company itself is responsible for the coding, together with Ducator ApS, of the company’s MDM server and Enrollment setup. **

The company does not own the MDM server and its features, however, the company owns any DEP server and Apple Business accounts. The company gives Ducator ApS the opportunity to carry out Operation and Maintenance, as well as changes in setup per. demand of the company for Ducator ApS, on Ducator ApS’s MDM server.

These are configuration files that are uploaded to the company’s devices so that the desired functionalities are achieved. The company or the company’s IT manager, decides how the company’s setup of units should be, in collaboration with Ducator ApS.

Ducator ApS and company / IT are responsible for configuring the configuration files for the various servers in collaboration – and Ducator ApS is paid to check monthly whether the server and the connected devices are running as the company has decided.

Ducator ApS is not liable for misuse or hacker attacks on the company’s data and devices, nor for lost data or breach. **

Ducator ApS only performs changes described by the company or its IT manager. It is therefore important that the company’s IT manager is authorized to subscribe, and is entitled to ask Ducator ApS for changes to Ducator ApS’s MDM server.

Ducator ApS is not liable for any of the above.


Ducator ApS provides consultant services regarding. setting up MDM solutions for companies, so that the company can better protect their mobile devices, as well as the company’s data.

With the MDM solution you can:

  • Easily enroll and set up new devices
  • Integrate into Active Directory
  • Integrate with Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program), Samsung Knox, Google Zero Touch, LG Gate and Sony MDM API
  • Configure profiles for the different employee groups
  • Create policies and rules in a simple and intuitive way
  • Wipe and locate devices
  • Update devices and apps
  • Establish secure container to protect and separate data
  • Black and whitelisting of apps
  • Encrypt emails and corporate communications
  • Configure kiosk mode (on Android devices)
  • Open up for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Protect against Malware, Ransomware, Phishing and PUAs
  • Web Protection and Web Filtering Management
  • Get an overall overview and reporting in a very clear Dashboard
  • Ducator ApS helps to obtain the DUNS number of the company, for the establishment of Apple Business
  • Ducator ApS helps with setting up the MDM server
  • Enroll role used devices that help the environment.

The company commits for the current month, plus one month for cooperation, and must be terminated by the end of the previous month. That is, if the company, for example, wants to stop working with Ducator ApS, as a consultant on Ducators ApS’s MDM Server and Enrollment program with the end of June 2020 (Last weekday), then Ducator ApS must be informed already with the end of May 2020 (Last weekday ), to have enough time to hand over information to the company and any logins so that the company can come up with another solution, or shut down the administration of the company devices. This time consumption is also invoiced to the customer.

The company is offered that Ducator ApS runs a Miradore MDM platform for administration of the company’s units. The company agrees to upload an application on all the company’s devices, from Miradore, which is used to keep the device online, as well as send push notifications to the user.

The company is offered simultaneous creation of Apple Business, unless the company already has an Apple Business solution. This point is necessary for iOS devices to be enrolled in DEP mode and managed by an MDM server.

For the created Apple Business solution, the company has the option to enroll used iOS devices, however, devices must be after the production year 2011. The company can buy used devices from Ducator ApS, to then enroll in its Apple Business solution, and can be remotely controlled via the company’s MDM server. **

However, the company must be aware that, when enrolling used IOS devices, there is a right of withdrawal of 30 days before the company has the opportunity to avoid that the IOS device can be enrolled 100%, without the administration can be removed – and thereby be part of the company Apple DEP enrollment program, via the company’s Apple Business account / platform. **

Ducator ApS reserves the right to supervise devices that are outside Wifi, roaming or operator coverage. In order for Ducator ApS to provide its service, the company undertakes to ensure that the units are within coverage and Ducator ApS can perform its services as agreed. **



Prices and payment.

Consultancy hours Ducator ApS uses to help Companies as a consultant – invoiced at DKK 1200.00 ex VAT per. commenced hour.

Consulting hours are not covered by repairs of mobile phones, tablets and computers. A technician hour is invoiced at DKK 495.00 per commenced hour.

A consulting class can consist of, for example:

Obtaining the DUNS number used to create Apple Business.

2. Creation and creation of MDM server.

3. Creating configuration files.

4. Enrolling devices in MDM

5. Uploading Applications to Devices.

As well as much more.

Operation of the company’s units in Ducator ApS’s MDM server. At Ducator ApS, one unit costs DKK 22.00 excl VAT per. unit – per. month. (This is a fixed monthly amount as long as Ducator ApS works as a consultant on the company’s MDM and enrollment program – NOTE! Ducator ApS owns the MDM server, from which the company’s units are managed.)

That is, for example: If the company has 200 pcs. telephones that are enrolled in the company’s MDM and enrollment program (NOTE! Ducator ApS owns the MDM server from which the company devices are managed.), and Ducator ApS updates and maintains via the company’s MDM system (NOTE! Ducator ApS owns the MDM server from which the company devices are managed. from), Ducator ApS invoices 200 times DKK 22.00 excl VAT – a total of DKK 4,400.00 excl VAT.

Should telephones, tablets or computers be enrolled, or user profiles / employee groups created, moved, updated, etc. – the company is invoiced for consulting hours of DKK 1200.00 excl VAT.

At the end of the collaboration, the company must create a new MDM server with another provider and make sure that new administration files and configuration files are created, as these at the end of the collaboration will no longer be able to be managed with the new MDM solution. That is, the company, upon termination of cooperation with Ducator ApS, does not have administration of their devices until the company establishes a new MDM server.

Ducator ApS reserves the right to make changes to setup and options from Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program), Samsung Knox, Google Zero Touch, LG Gate and Sony MDM API. **

As a rule, companies have payment deadlines of a net of 8 days with Ducator ApS.

Ducator ApS uses Danske Bank. Registration number. 3409 – Account number 11904572


Data processing.

Ducator ApS does not retain any sensitive information, however, Ducator ApS retains information for use in solving tasks as a consultant for the company. At the end of the collaboration, information is returned and deleted for use in solving tasks as a consultant for the company, and can not be re-acquired.

Ducator ApS does not download anything from the company’s server, platforms, etc. – unless permission has been given from the company, or the subscribed IT responsible for the company

Guidelines for GDRP legislation are complied with.


Ducator ApS can be contacted as follows:

  • Via Podio. (1-3 days response time.)
  • Via email – (1-3 days response time.)
  • Via. Telephone. +45 71 99 51 38. (Only for Ducator MDM Premium customers)



Ducator ApS reserves the right to change terms of trade so often that Ducator ApS needs, and can be changed unilaterally and without objections from some.



  • Non-payment
  • Late payment of invoice from Ducator ApS

These points terminate the cooperation with Ducator ApS and corporate units are removed without notice from Ducator ApS’s MDM server, and are thus without administration, and free from threats, the company’s data exposed and the devices for theft. It is important that the company complies with these obligations.



  • Items described and ending with **


Obstacles to delivery of a Force Majeure nature.

Ducator ApS is not obliged to provide or pay compensation to the company if delivery is prevented or made disproportionately difficult or costly due to unpredictable obstacles that occur after the conclusion of the agreement; Examples include: Supplier bankruptcy (MDM provider used by Ducator ApS goes bankrupt, or closes,) Changes in taxes, mobilization, war, conflict in the labor market, conflicts in the country where the provider of MDM server Ducator ApS uses, epidemics, network crashes in the country in question the provider is located in where Ducator ApS uses the MDM server. **


Law and venue.

Any dispute between the company and Ducator ApS – including interpretation of Ducator ApS’s terms and conditions regarding. Ducator Entreprise DEP MDM Enrollment Program – decided by the ordinary Danish courts.


Section business: section 3 Ducator ApS trade- Sales and delivery conditions.


1. General: The following sales and delivery conditions apply unless otherwise agreed in writing between Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) Karlsgavevej 28, 3300 Frederiksværk and the buyer. Agreements are about repairs on mobile equipment, such as mobile phones and tablets, etc. Also about the supply of accessories for mobile equipment.

2. Prices: All prices are in Danish kroner and excluding VAT and any taxes. Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) prices appear from a specific offer or invoice, which also contains information about delivery costs calculated by Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) as a result of changes in exchange rates, customs duties, taxes, fees, etc. concerning the agreed delivery. Reservations are made for any price errors and printing errors.

3. Payment: As a rule, newly created customers must pay prior to the first three orders. Payment must be made no later than the date the invoice states as the last timely payment date. As a general rule, payment must be made net in cash. If a last timely payment date is not specified, payment must be made in cash upon delivery. If payment is made after the due date, Ducator ApS (Mobile Ambulance) is entitled to calculate interest and reminder fees on the payment due at any time at 2% per. month until the due date is paid. Buyer’s payments are first depreciated on accrued interest and costs due. Then on the debt. Buyer is not entitled to set off any counterclaims on Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen), which is not approved in writing by Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) and is not entitled to withhold any part of the purchase price due to counterclaims of any kind. If delivery is postponed due to the buyer’s circumstances of any kind, the buyer is obliged to pay to Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen), as if delivery had taken place at the agreed time. Ducator ApS (Mobile Ambulance) may deviate from this by written notice.

4. Property reservation: Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) reserves the right of ownership of delivered goods until the entire purchase price incl. delivery costs and possibly interest and costs are paid in full.

5. Delivery: Delivery takes place from warehouse Ducator ApS (Mobile ambulance) address. Delivery is at the buyer’s expense, unless it is explicitly stated that the delivery costs are included in the price. The delivery costs (freight, postage, packaging, etc.) are stated in these sales and delivery conditions (cf. section 12). The delivery time is determined by Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) at the best estimate in accordance with the circumstances that exist at the time the offer is made or the conclusion of the agreement. Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) can not be held responsible for delays in deliveries but will always strive for timely delivery.

6. Returns: Wrongly ordered items will not be returned. In special cases – and in the case of ordinary unopened and salable goods – these goods can be returned against payment of a return fee of at least 25% of the sale price of the goods. In addition, a handling fee of DKK 499 is paid. Procured goods and discontinued goods will not be returned. If an order is returned from our carrier with a remark about inadmissibility or receipt is denied by the recipient, the order will be credited with a deduction of a minimum of 25% of the item’s selling price. In addition, a handling fee of DKK 499 is paid. If the order contains procured goods or discontinued goods, these are returned, as they cannot be credited. Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) always exchanges goods when it comes to incorrect delivery from our side. The only reservation we take is that we receive inquiries about incorrect delivery within seven days from the invoice date and the item is unopened and unused and in a salable packaging. Cancellation of orders must be made in writing to Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen)’s Customer Service Cancellation of delivery of goods defined by Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) as procured goods or goods that have been discontinued by the manufacturer’s and / or Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen)’s range is not possible. Items must be returned in original packaging. Nothing may be written on or affixed to the original packaging. It is the sender’s responsibility to document that Ducator ApS (the Mobile Ambulance) has received returned goods.

7. Warranty: The products are delivered with the guarantees that the manufacturer offers Ducator ApS (Mobile Ambulance). Buyer can not claim any additional product warranty against Ducator ApS (Mobile Ambulance).

8. Product information: Reservations are made for errors and changes in information in brochures and other sales material. Any errors and changes can not be claimed against Ducator ApS (Mobile Ambulance).

9. Product changes: Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) reserves the right to change the products or parts thereof without notice if this occurs without any functional disadvantage for the buyer.

10. Intellectual property rights: All delivery of products is made with respect for the intellectual property rights of the holders in question and Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) is without liability of any kind for the buyer’s actions in violation of these rights.

11. Defects and complaints: Upon delivery, the buyer must immediately make such an examination of what is sold as proper business use requires. Buyer is required to inspect received shipments for shipping damage. If such are found, the buyer must immediately complain to the carrier, receive the item with reservations or refuse receipt and within 2 working days notify Ducator ApS (the Mobile Ambulance). If the buyer wishes to invoke a defect, the buyer must immediately give Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) written notice thereof and state what the defect consists of. If the buyer has discovered or should have discovered the defect and does not complain as stated, the buyer can not later claim the defect. Ducator ApS (the Mobile Ambulance) is free to choose to remedy the defect or make a replacement. Changes or interventions in the purchase without the written consent of Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) release Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) from any obligation. If Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) requests this, the buyer must immediately after the complaint, at the buyer’s expense and risk, return the allegedly defective item to Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) in original packaging. Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) reserves the right at any time to receive only the allegedly defective part. If Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) has undertaken to provide service by a separate agreement to this effect, the service obligation only covers the products sold. Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) reserves the right to test goods that are alleged to be defective. If Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) finds the item faultless after testing, it must be expected that the item is sent back with an invoice for work performed.

12. Fees Invoicing fee: If you as a customer do not want to receive invoices via e-mail, but instead want to receive printed invoices via normal. postal delivery, each invoice is charged a fee of DKK 49.

13. Limitation of liability: A claim for damages against Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) may not exceed the invoice amount for the item sold or the invoice amount. Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen)’s liability is limited to direct losses and Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) is not liable for other operating losses, advanced indirect tab. Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) is not responsible for delays or defects due to remediation or replacement or attempts to do so. Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) is not liable if the following conditions prevent fulfillment of the purchase or make fulfillment unreasonably burdensome. Labor disputes or other circumstances beyond the control of the parties, such as fire, war, mobilization or the like, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, riots and unrest, lack of means of transport, general shortage of goods, restrictions on power and shortages or delays in deliveries by subcontractors is due to any of the circumstances or other circumstances mentioned in this section that have significantly made it difficult for Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) to fulfill the agreement. Circumstances as mentioned, which had occurred before the submission of the offer / conclusion of the agreement, only entail discharge if their influence on the fulfillment of the agreement could not be foreseen at this time.

14. Product liability: To the extent that nothing else follows from Danish law’s mandatory rules on product liability, the following restrictions apply: Ducator ApS (the Mobile Ambulance) is only liable for damage caused by a product delivered by Ducator ApS (the Mobile Ambulance) to the extent that it can be proven that the damage is due his fault or neglect.

15. Transfer of rights and obligations: Ducator ApS (Mobile Ambulance) is entitled to transfer all rights and obligations under the agreement to third parties.

16. Prices for technician class. Ducator ApS – The mobile ambulance’s technician class costs DKK 499.00 per started 60 min. All work that is not included in the offer is assessed for a technician class. A technician class is without materials for assignments.

17. Repairs with (Ducator ApS – Mobilambulancen) A. The buyer must always, when performing repairs with Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen), ensure that the necessary information or otherwise can be provided at the beginning of repair, so that repair takes place as smoothly as possible. If it is not possible to provide, for example, passwords for unlocking Mobile Phones and Tablets, it will be free (Ducator ApS – Mobilambulancen) to further invoice the technician for time consumption, regarding obtaining information for use in function tests. B. Boundary – Where does the boundary go? For repairs, there is clearly a cut-off point for work on electronic equipment. When carrying out repairs on, for example, mobile phones and tablets, it must be clear to the buyer that there is a separation limit between replacements between the various components. For example, when replacing a screen, the complaint only concerns the work performed when changing the screen. Further cessation of other functions, subsequent screen change – for example rear camera, or other, can not be linked to a screen change. In the event of loss and damage to mobile phones and tablets – generally electronic equipment – damage can have many consequences and consequential damages – which cannot (Ducator ApS – Mobilambulancen) can / should be liable for. C. Ducator ApS – The mobile ambulance is not responsible for data on the buyer’s equipment.

18. Driving with (Ducator ApS – Mobilambulancen) Repairs and prices apply to the buyer at his own address, optional address, or extra address. If Ducator ApS – Mobilambulancen is to carry out repairs elsewhere for the buyer, a kilometer rate of DKK 4.50 per kilometer driven applies, in addition to the agreed repair prices.

19. Disputes: Any dispute between Ducator ApS (Mobilambulancen) and the buyer must be settled in accordance with Danish law, with the Copenhagen City Court / Eastern High Court as venue.

20. Ducator ApS reserves the right to change terms of trade so often that Ducator ApS needs, and can be changed unilaterally and without objections from some.