A repair or screen replacement only takes 30 minutes.
iPhone or Samsung, your choice.

Ducator ApS.
Repairs of mobile phones at your address.

Here's how it works:

Repair your mobile phone or tablet by an educated technician.

When you need help with screen switching on your mobile phone or tablet, contact Ducator ApS, and shortly afterwards, the Mobile Ambulance will go out and make all repairs at your address. You don’t have a lot of time wasting, and if our technician finds that it’s not worth repairing the device, he advises you on the most economical and most environmentally friendly solution.

Remember we also repair PC and Macbooks.


  • Save time – Ducator ApS repairs at your place.
  • Be safe – Ducator ApS technicians are authorized.
  • Good conscience – Ducator ApS focuses on sustainability.
  • Something for the environment – Ducator ApS
    screens from scratch.
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Ducator ApS

Has the phone or tablet been damaged or completely drained? Don’t worry – Ducator’s tech truck, the Mobile Ambulance, is on its way to your workplace.

While you continue the work, Ducator’s trained technician will repair your equipment. You don’t have to get out the door or do without your work tool for quite some time, because that’s the crux of everything – that your working time is precious.

Ducator ApS repairs all types of tablets and mobile phones, as well as computers for private and public companiesand the Mobile Ambulance runs out to all parts of Denmark. The techniques are trained at abroad and are also approved for use on all kinds of work and construction sites.

We only use OEM spare parts, and the Mobile Ambulance is filled with special equipment, because at Ducator we set the bar and ambitions high.
It’s not ‘just’ a phone – it contains crucial parts of your life.

Ducator’s customers include: Arne Stubbe Automobiles, Albatros Travel, Profile Optics Stores, Scania Australia, Brdr. A&O Johansen A/S as well as Scandlines

CSR - we take responsibility

At Ducator, we take a conscious responsibility for our surroundings:

We recycle as many individual parts as possible and sell them on as ‘refurbished’ phones. This means that less CO2 is needed to produce new ones and less waste will be added.

We collect used electronics and hospital equipment, which the Danish NGO Habari Tanzania makes sure to find new owners for in schools and in the health service in East Africa.

Old batteries from tablets and phones we send to a Danish company that recycles the LiPo and LiFe contents of the batteries.

Our internal personnel policy is also one of several expressions that we take good care of each other. Over a wide range, Ducator contributes to the achievement of 11 of the UN’s 17 world goals.

Ducator CSR

Find answers.

How long should I expect a repair to take?

The typical repairs are done in 30-60 minutes. But if there is any other damage to the unit, the repair time will of course be longer. This also applies if the damage requires a visit to our workshop.

Do I have to pay for driving?

All driving is free in halsnæs municipality, everything outside halsnæs municipality is agreed separately with the customer. For companies with a meeting and a price list submitted, driving is, of course, included in the agreement and therefore included in the prices.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice by email and you will have 3 days to receive the invoice. Otherwise, you have the option to pay by card in the car.

How fast can you move out?

We agree and prioritize the deployment in cooperation with you and put together our tours so that everyone is catered for. We are flexible and call of course if we have to change the route. We strive to live up to our name so expect us to do everything we can to get to you as soon as we can.

Does the Mobile Ambulance run every day of the week?

The Mobile Ambulance will be dispatched every weekday from 10:00 to 18:00. 08:00 – 18:00 and Saturdays from 08:00 to 18:00. 10:00 -14:00.

Does the Mobile Ambulance make warranty repairs?

No. Units to be repaired under warranty must be delivered to our physical store on Undalsvej, 3300 Frederiksværk.

Are you nationwide?

yes, we’re nationwide. We operate in all cobbed-up areas of Denmark.

What is a diagnosis?

In a diagnosis, we review all components of the phone or tablet, so we’re sure not to leave you a device that has more damage than first thought. A diagnosis costs DKK 299.00 ex. vat and cannot be deselected when you use the Mobile Ambulance.

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