Before it’s refurbish.

We buy up a lot of broken screens and after that we take it to our workshop, where we then begin the refurbish process.
In the process, we begin by separating the glass from the LCDen itself, where after then we carefully take the Polorizer off the LC.
After that, we then start to reassemble the screen with new parts.


After it’s been refurbish.

After we then have the refurbished screen it is ready to be used.
Quality after we have refurbished is OEM which stands for(original equipment manufacturer) and means we take an original screen and renovate it.
So it still has the same quality as an original.

What is refurbish?


The refurbishing of broken screens means renovating the broken screens so that they are brought back in the same condition as when they left the factory for the first time.
It requires tremendous precision and a dust-free environment, on a par with the pharmaceutical industry – also it takes a huge number of expensive machines to achieve Ducator ApS high standdart.
Furthermore, it places huge demands on the staff, who on a daily basis undertake the renovation of the screens.
It is of great importance to the environment if we do not start to save a little on the productions in the large factories, especially in the electronics industry, as it is the industry that pollutes the most.


Get your screen refurbish by Ducator ApS.


  • Have you considered refurbishing your broken original displays by Danish company instead of sending them on to the other side of the Globe?
  • Don’t you have the courage to buy your own equipment for hundreds of thousands of dollars to refurbishe your screens?
  • Reduce the waiting time and transportation costs by using Ducator ApS.
  • Do you have at least about 100 original displays that are damaged, but LCD and flex cables are intact – let Ducator ApS refurbishe them for you.
  • Save money and time, get them refurbish by Ducator ApS
  • Make your contribution to improving the environment, use Ducator ApS

Sales of Refurbish Screens

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