Ducator Entreprise DEP Mode UEM

As an IT administrator or business man, we all know about iCloud locked phones or when one or more employees stop and forget to log out.
With Ducator Enterprise DEP UEM, you can escape the hassle of the future, let Ducator control your company's devices over your computer, and you won't have more iCloud locked phones again.
Secure and simple deployment of mobile devices.

Zero-touch – for IT

With the Ducator Entreprise DEPs UEM server program, setting up the company’s tablets, iPads, mobile phones and computer is endless. There is no need for staging services and there is no longer a need for IT to be physically present to complete a complete set-up on all desired devices.

Wireless Management

Wireless management delivers a high level of device management for your mobile devices. This allows for a higher level of device management and customization on specific configurations and features. Ducator ApS can wirelessly enable this mode during setup, allowing additional restrictions such as disabling other features.

Benefits of Ducator Enterprise UEM

  • The user does not get involved in the setup and gets started quickly
  • Mobile devices are automatically configured when they are first turned on
  • Configuration is performed by the IT department without physical contact with the devices
  • Even a larger number of Apple devices can be easily and quickly put into use
  • Apps from the App Store can be quickly and efficiently distributed to users
  • The existing Unified Endpoint Management solution will be strengthened

What you can do with Ducator Enterprise DEP UEM

  • Managing all accounts together
  • Managing configurations – passwords, policies, etc.
  • Content management – installing and removing content
  • Security commands – external locking of the device, etc.
  • Managing domains to separate business content
  • Distribution of tailored business apps through Apple store
  • Large-volume content purchases — apps, applications, books
  • Remove activation lock from iOS devices with “Find My iPhone” turned on